webtrees 2.0.4 is now available for download.

Session handling has been redesigned to reduce the number of writes to the session table in the database. This should help performance.

On the media page, audio and video files can now be viewed using embeded media players.

Postgres compatibility issues have been fixed.

There is a new census-assistant definition for US 1950

Historic event modules have been added for Austrian users.

When you use XREF links in shared notes (e.g. @X123@), these will now be converted to a named link to the record.

When you have pretty URLs enabled, webtrees will now recognise almost all URLs from webtrees 1.x and phpGedView, including charts, lists and reports.

Notes for developers:

  • The class Location has been renamed PlaceLocation. A new/different class Location has been added to represent _LOC records in a GEDCOM file.
  • the getAgeXxx() functions have been deprecated and replaced with a new class Age.
  • the Builder::whereContains() function has been deprecated and should be replaced with LIKE queries.
  • the GedcomRecord::getInstance() and rowMapper() functions have deprecated and replaced with factory objects.

Deprecated functions may trigger warnings on development versions of webtrees, but not on stable releases.

Fixes for many other minor issues. See the change log for details.