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webtrees hosting

webtrees hosting

webtrees is based on the PHP programming language and accesses a MYSQL/MariaDB database. Therefore webtrees must be installed on a server. This can be your own server or one of the hundreds that are advertised on the web.

What to look for in a hosting provider

Nowadays there are numerous web hosters who offer their services. These do not differ so extremely from each other in their basic principle. Nevertheless, there are a few points that you should generally pay attention to as a customer or user in order not to end up with a rather unsuitable web hoster as a partner:

  • webtrees requirements
  • Webspace
  • Performance
  • Availability
  • Data security
  • Support
  • Contract period
  • Set-up fees
  • permanent costs

Why use specialist webtrees hosting

The hosting providers listed below use server configurations that are specifically designed to meet the needs of a webtrees installation. These providers are also better able than any other web host to offer specific webtrees support. A webtrees hosting package is ideal for those who want to use one of the best genealogy programs available on the market, but do not want to bother with setting up and running the application. The user is provided with a completely installed and preconfigured system and only has to take care of his own data. All the other stuff is done by the service provider in the background. He takes care of the technology, administers the system and ensures that webtrees and the necessary system components are always up-to-date.

hosting offers for webtrees:

Operated by Greg Roach (aka fisharebest) - author of webtrees

  • Fast server, hosted in the EU (AWS Dublin)
  • Use your own domain name, or a sub-domain of
  • Unlimited priority support
  • Custom development and modifications available

Operated by Peter Schulz (aka Peter_S)

  • Offer is aimed specifically at users in the German-speaking market
  • Provision of 10 GB web space
  • Encrypted data transmission via https (SSL certificate)
  • Personal advice on the use of webtrees
  • Setup service - installation, administration and operation of webtrees
  • Relocation service: Checking a GEDCOM file for complete transfer
  • Update service - Regular updates and current webtrees versions on request
  • Backup Service - Daily backup of webtrees data (30 days availability)
  • Domain: or use of an own domain
  • Own e-mail box
  • Server location in Germany

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