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Server Requirements

PHP Requirements

webtrees 2.0.11 requires PHP 7.1 — 7.4. Higher versions generally give better performance than lower versions.

If your server only has PHP 5.3 — 7.0, then you will need to install webtrees 1.7.17. Note that this version of webtrees only supports MySQL.

Database Requirements

webtrees uses the Laravel Database component to provide support for these popular database engines.

  • MySQL - version 5.6 or higher
  • MariaDB - version 10.0 or higher
  • PostgreSQL - version 9.4 or higher
  • SQLite - version 3.7.11 or higher
  • SQL-Server - 2017 or higher

MySQL/MariaDB is recommended for production servers. webtrees uses MySQL’s collation features to search and sort names correctly in different languages.

PostgreSQL and SQL-Server are largely untested, but should work.

SQLite is fine for small sites, but does not scale well with many concurrent users.

Web-server requirements

You will need approximately 100MB of disk space for webtrees files - plus whatever is needed for your media and GEDCOM files.

webtrees supports “pretty URLs”, using web-server rewrite rules. You should not enable this until after the setup is complete. Otherwise the setup wizard may not be able to detect the base URL.

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