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OVH webhosting

OVH allows you to configure certain aspects of your account using a file .ovhconfig - see documentation.

You may need to adjust some of these settings, by adding or updating lines in this file.

PHP interface

OVH provides two ways to call PHP scripts: php-cgi and php-fpm. Many users report that php-fpm does not work with webtrees 2.0.

Some pages make a second call to the web-server to create parts of the page. For example, some of the home-page blocks, the charts, the calendar, etc. With php-fpm, these fail to load - and the page just displays a spinning wheel. To select php-cgi, use this option in .ovhconfig.



The package mod-security is known to block certain webtrees scripts. If some scripts fail silently, you can disable it using this option in .ovhconfig.



For performance, you should generally enable production mode, using this option in .ovhconfig.


However, if you are experiencing problems, you can switch back to development mode while you investigate.


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