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Modules and themes

webtrees is designed to be extended and modified using modules. The following modules have been created by members of the webtrees community.

Before installing a module, make sure that the module is compatible with your version of webtrees. Modules for webtrees 1.7 will not work with webtrees 2.0 and vice-versa.

For support or to report issues, please contact the author of the module. To add your module to this list, please get in touch.

Installing/removing modules in webtrees 2.0

To install a module in webtrees 2.0, copy it to the folder /modules_v4/. Themes are just special types of module, and are installed in the same folder. To remove a module, just delete it. To temporarily disable a module, rename it from /modules_v4/xxx to /modules_v4/xxx.disable.

Installing/removing modules in webtrees 1.7

In webtrees 1.7, themes and modules are different. Themes are installed by copying them to the folder /themes/. Modules are installed by copying them to the folder /modules_v3/. To remove a module or theme, just delete it.

Ancestor Fan Chart - by MagicSunday - 2.0 - website

A replacement for the webtrees fan chart, this module uses the D3JS library to provide an attractive, animated fan chart.

Branch Export - by BlasiusSecundus - 1.7 - website

An alternative to the clippings cart, which allows parts of a tree to be extracted to a GEDCOM file.

Custom CSS - by makitso - 2.0 - website - demo

Global modifications to all themes, to provide a more compact display and allowing more information to fit on each page.

Cousins - by vytux - 1.7 - 2.0 - website

A tab which shows all the cousins of an individual.

Custom JS - by JustCarmen - 1.7 - download

Allows you to add JavaScript to every webtrees page. Typical uses are adding code for tools such as Google Analytics, or modifying existing content, such as adding footers.

NOTE: This function is a standard part of webtrees 2.0.

Extended Relationships - by ric2016 - 1.7 - website - 2.0 - website - demo

This module provides an extended “Relationships” chart. It also displays additional relationship information via the extended “Families” tab, and the extended “Facts and Events” tab.

Faces - by UksusoFF - 1.7 - 2.0 - website

Tag faces on photos.

Fancy Branches - by JustCarmen - 1.7 - website

This module is an modified version of the existing webtrees Branches list. It allows the user to expand or collapse each family branch to make viewing easier.

Fancy Gendex - by JustCarmen - 1.7 - website

Create gendex files, which can be imported into genealogical search engines.

Fancy Image Bar - by JustCarmen - 1.7 - website - 2.0 - website - demo

The Fancy Imagebar is a row of images between header and content of your webtrees site. The image bar is built up with pictures from the media objects in your tree.

Fancy Privacy List - by JustCarmen - 1.7 - website

This is an administration module, which shows a list of all individuals in your family tree, where you can review the privacy settings of each individual.

A sidebar module that provides quick links to the search functions in approximately 30 genealogy research websites.

Fancy Tree View - by JustCarmen - 1.7 - website

This module adds pages for several branches in your family tree. These are listed from the first generation down to the last, and provide a narrative overview of your family tree.

Fancy Tree View PDF - by JustCarmen - 1.7 - website

This module is an extension for the Fancy Tree View module which gives the option to download a Fancy Treeview page as a PDF file.

Display all the photos in a folder.

GermanChancellorsAndPresidents - by Hartenthaler - 2.0 - website

Provides historical facts (in German language) - Chancellors and Presidents of Germany (since 1949).

GermanWarsAndBattlesWorldwide - by Hartenthaler - 2.0 - website

Provides historical facts (in German language) - Wars and Battles Worldwide (since 900).

Gov4Webtrees - by ric2016 - 1.7 - website - 2.0 - website - demo

It enhances places with historical and current GOV data, creating a place hierarchy with administrative levels from the date of the respective event.

JustBlack Theme - by JustCarmen - 1.7 - website - demo

A dark-gray layout with orange and yellow accents. Smooth Top Navigation Menu. Nice font for titles. Colorbox support for pdf files. Responsive dialog boxes.

There is also a JustBlack Theme options module which customises the JustBlack theme and provides more features.

JustLight Theme - by JustCarmen - 1.7 - website - 2.0 - website - demo

This is a modern theme in clean white and blue. The layout is adjusted as much as possible for use on touch devices like tablets and mobile phones. The menu is responsive. This means it will collapse on smaller screens and have only clickable items. You might be used to hover over a menu item to get it’s submenu but on touch devices the hover functionality doesn’t exist. The tabs at the individual page are replaced by bootstrap panels for a better layout on mobile devices. Also the sidebar will collapse automatically when viewing from smaller screens.

There is also a JustLight Theme options module which customises the JustLight theme and provides more features.

Add more menu items to the main menu.

OpenStreetMap - by ric2016 - 1.7 - website

This module provides an alternative to the Google Maps™ module, using OpenStreetMap.

Pages - by vytux - 1.7 - website

Add pages of information, with links from the main menu.

Places and Pedigree Map - by ric2016 - 2.0 - website

This module provides replacements for the original “Places” and “Pedigree map” modules, using location data from GEDCOM, as well as location data provided by other modules.

Reminder - by UksusoFF - 2.0 - website

Sends a daily reminder of anniversaries.

Rural Theme - by jon48 - 1.7 - 2.0 - website - demo

The Rural theme is mainly based on brown tones, as a tribute to the earth our ancestors used to cultivate, with some green, color of nature. A companion of webtrees for over a decade now, its characteric layout is still organised around the main genealogical content being wrapped within a responsive white panel on a brown background.

The header image can be customised, by replacing the file ./modules_v4/myartjaub_ruraltheme/resources/images/header.png by a personal one. There is only a constraint on the height which cannot exceed 150px.

Shared Places - by ric2016 - 1.7 - website - 2.0 - website

This module supports shared places as level 0 GEDCOM objects, on the basis of the GEDCOM-L addendum to the GEDCOM 5.5.1 specification. It displays data via the extended “Facts and Events” tab, enhancing places with data obtained from the respective shared place.

Topola Interactive Tree - by PeWu - 1.7 - website

An interactive tree, showing ancestors and descendants.

Tree View Full Screen - by UksusoFF - 1.7 - 2.0 - website

Add full screen button for interactive tree view tab.

Various - by André Dumas - 1.7 - website

André has written several modules, but the download links on his site are not currently working.

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