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webtrees 2.0.7 released

webtrees 2.0.7 is now available for download.

Screen items that expand/collapse have been made more consistent. This includes notes, source citations and the names panel on the individual page.

There is a new data-fix, which will convert name sub-tags such as _MARNM to the standard GEDCOM 5.5.1 format.

The geographic data section of the control panel has been simplified.

See the change log for a complete list of updates and bug-fixes.

Notes for developers:

  • The class Config has been deprecated. It will be replaced with GEDCOM element objects in 2.1.0
  • The functions Fact::getTag() and Fact::setTag() have been deprecated. Facts are now immutable. Use Fact::tag() instead.

webtrees 2.0.6 released

webtrees 2.0.6 is now available for download.

This is a bug-fix release. Significant fixes include a bug that prevents the export from using privacy filters, and others related to the editing of location data.

Notes for developers:

  • All classes in Functions\Functions... are deprecated, and will be removed in a future release.

Fixes for other minor issues. See the change log for details.

webtrees 2.0.5 released

webtrees 2.0.5 is now available for download.

Changes in the Bootstrap and Datatables libraries caused problems with some of our icons and buttons. We have created a workaround for the icons, but need to wait for the next release of Bootstrap.

The performance of the GEDCOM import function has been significantly improved by inserting multiple rows in a single SQL statement.

The performance of the GEDCOM export function has been significantly improved. Slow exports were preventing the automatic upgrades from working for some sites with very large trees.

Nicknames are no longer copied automatically into the full-name field. If you want nicknames to appear as part of the full-name, you will need to add them yourself, inside double-quotes. e.g. John "Chalky" /White/

We now have an Urdu translation.

Notes for developers:

  • The class FunctionsExporthas been deprecated and replaced with GedcomExportService.

Fixes for many other minor issues. See the change log for details.

webtrees 2.0.4 released

webtrees 2.0.4 is now available for download.

Session handling has been redesigned to reduce the number of writes to the session table in the database. This should help performance.

On the media page, audio and video files can now be viewed using embeded media players.

Postgres compatibility issues have been fixed.

There is a new census-assistant definition for US 1950

Historic event modules have been added for Austrian users.

When you use XREF links in shared notes (e.g. @X123@), these will now be converted to a named link to the record.

When you have pretty URLs enabled, webtrees will now recognise almost all URLs from webtrees 1.x and phpGedView, including charts, lists and reports.

Notes for developers:

  • The class Location has been renamed PlaceLocation. A new/different class Location has been added to represent _LOC records in a GEDCOM file.
  • the getAgeXxx() functions have been deprecated and replaced with a new class Age.
  • the Builder::whereContains() function has been deprecated and should be replaced with LIKE queries.
  • the GedcomRecord::getInstance() and rowMapper() functions have deprecated and replaced with factory objects.

Deprecated functions may trigger warnings on development versions of webtrees, but not on stable releases.

Fixes for many other minor issues. See the change log for details.

webtrees 1.7.17 released

webtrees 1.7.17 is now available for download.

It contains translation updates and two bug fixes.

One allowed unescaped HTML to be included in certain reports.

The other prevented the upgrade wizard from fetching remote files.

See the change log for details.

webtrees 2.0.3 released

webtrees 2.0.3 is now available for download.

EXIF data is now used to auto-rotate photographs.

The location editor in the control panel now uses the OpenStreetMap database for searching. (Thanks to ddrury.)

The default language has been changed from a tree-preference to a site-preference.

Third-party modules can now show available updates in the control panel.

Internal support has been added for the GEDCOM HEAD and SUBN records. This is in preparation for supporting custom record types, such as _LOC.

Fixes for over 100 reported issues. CHANGELOG

webtrees 2.0.2 released

webtrees 2.0.2 is now available for download.

The “Batch update” module is replaced by a series of “Data-fix” modules. These can now do more complex updates, such as modifying several linked records at the same time. They should also avoid timeouts on large systems.

There is a new translation, into Kurdish.

There is a new Census definition, for Slovakia 1869.

There is a new historic-event module, for Czech history.

Pretty URLs are updated to work better with non-latin characters.

HTTP security headers are now added by default, as most users are not able to set these in their web-server configuration.

Fixes for over 50 reported issues. CHANGELOG

webtrees 2.0.1 released

webtrees 2.0.1 is now available for download.

2.0.1 includes support for GEDCOM Submitter (SUBM) records.

There are also fixes for 50 or so issues that were raised on the 2.0.0 rewrite. Thanks to everyone who reported them.


webtrees 2.0.0 released

webtrees 2.0.0 is now available for download. Yay!

It has been a long wait - and a lot of work. For software projects, the transition from version 1 to version 2 is always a very dangerous time. The old code has often become convoluted and increasingly difficult to maintain/develop/support. For open-source projects, this is a particular problem. Convoluted code is not enjoyable to work with. Rewriting a large project is a lot of work, and the old code needs to be supported at the same time. Also, if the new version is too different to the old version or it misses some functions, the users will not want to upgrade.

I think I have managed this upgrade sucessfully - and I want to thank you all for your support and patience over the last two years.

About 95% of the code has been re-written, and the internals have been simplified and separated out into independent components. There have been very few changes to the logic and behaviour - although the appearance has been updated to work with mobile devices.

The new modular design means that we can now allow custom modules to modify almost any aspect of the code. If you want to customize your installation, this is now much easier. Also, the module interface should be much more stable, and you shouldn’t need to upgrade your modules every time you upgrade webtrees. If you are a module author and need help updating your module from 1.7 to 2.0, please get in touch.

There are approximately 175 sites running the 2.0.0-beta release, and so I am reasonably confident that there are no significant issues with the code. I plan to return to a fairly rapid release cycle, so expect 2.0.1 in a few weeks.

Upgrading works the same as previously - just copy the new files to the server. However, when upgrading from 1.7 to 2.0, there’s a few things you need to do first. I’ve written some notes here: It is important that you read them before upgrading.

There is no automatic upgrade from 1.7. I want to create a new 1.7 release which includes these extra preparations/checks.


webtrees 1.7.16 release

webtrees 1.7.16 is now available. As well as a new translation (Hindi), it also includes a security fix.

If you are using an older version, it is recommended to upgrade.