webtrees 2.1.3 is now available for download.

There are a number of bug-fixes, including:

  • Fix: wrong relationship name for maternal great-grandmothers
  • Fix: detect truncated requests caused by sever limitations
  • Fix: layout of notes and shared notes
  • Fix: notes containing " could have their titles corrupted
  • Fix: hourglass chart won’t run without the spouses parameter
  • Fix: family facts missing when adding a new spouse to a family
  • Fix: wrong HUSB/WIFE tag when creating a one-parent family
  • Fix: don’t show user links to non-admins on individual page
  • Fix: wrong label for notes in research tasks
  • Fix: name of shared notes with multiple lines
  • Fix: CEME tag not recognised in burials for close relatives
  • Fix: research tasks not showing on 32 bit builds of PHP
  • Fix: cannot add NATI tag
  • Fix: do not show filenames for media files with titles
  • Fix: better error handling when email is not configured
  • Fix: pending changes in the HEAD not handled in the error check
  • Fix: privacy feedback broken
  • Fix: autocompletion for source-citations
  • Fix: not setting any “quick add facts” causes display glitch
  • Fix: family sources shown on individual tab.
  • Fix: cannot add ROLE to source-citations
  • Fix: do not warn of upper/lower case mismatches, as these are not relevant until GEDCOM 7.0

There are some new features, including:

  • Edit and edit-raw is available for media objects
  • webtrees can now email you when a new version is available
  • FAM:FACT can be added (as it will be part of GEDCOM 7.0)

See the change log for details.