webtrees 2.1.2 is now available for download.

There are a number of bug-fixes, including:

  • Fix: wrong name for multi-line notes.
  • Fix: _RUFNAME created an additional name record.
  • Fix: arrows broken on re-order tabs/menus page.
  • Fix: multi-selects only allow the last entry to be removed.
  • Fix: exclude family _UID tags from the individual page.
  • Fix: autocomplete for placenames broken.
  • Fix: PHON/EMAIL/WWW missing from INDI:RESI and FAM:RESI
  • Fix: Media objects with large number of media files breaks the page layout.
  • Fix: Broken captcha prevents user registration.
  • Fix: RESN privacy breaks the page layout
  • Fix: Invalid HEAD record for new trees
  • Fix: Media type lost when editing files

There are some new features, including:

  • TIME can be added to BIRT:DATE and DEAT:DATE.
  • Support for some Aldfaer custom tags
  • A datafix for _WT_OBJE_SORT tags

See the change log for details.