webtrees 2.1.1 is now available for download.

This contains a number of bug-fixes, including.

  • Do not report duplicate media files within the same media object
  • Fix spouses parameter on family book chart
  • Date entry on research tasks
  • Error on pages of unknown record types
  • Button styling - add new fact
  • Custom tags are warnings, not errors
  • AGE field values are lower case
  • BURI:PLAC not initially visible
  • OBJE:FILE:FORM case mismatch
  • Custom tags from MyHeritage
  • Cannot create new repository
  • Sitemap dtd uses http not https
  • Better handling when base_url and dbtype missing from config.ini.php
  • Cannot delete user-messages
  • Error when bulk-uploading media files

There is one new feature

  • Media files can now be re-ordered within a media object

See the change log for details.