webtrees 2.1.0 is now available for download.

There are two changes relating to the new GEDCOM 7.0 standard.

In GEDCOM 5.5.1, a record/fact may only have one RESN tag. Howerver, there are two types of restriction - displaying and editing.

webtrees 2.0 resolves this conflict by allowing multiple tags. For example

0 @X1@ INDI
1 RESN privacy
1 RESN locked

The GEDCOM 7.0 specification says that multiple values should be combined in a single tag. For example

0 @X1@ INDI
1 RESN privacy, locked

webtrees 2.1 now uses this new format. If you were using both restrictions together, you will need to update your data, as only the first RESN tag will now be used.

Secondly, in GEDCOM 5.5.1, upper and lower case values are equivalent. For example, these records are treated the same.

2 TYPE married
2 TYPE mArRiEd

In GEDCOM 7.0, these values must be in upper case. webtrees 2.1 will continue to support values in upper or lower case - but will create new values using upper case only.

See the change log for details.