webtrees 2.1.7 is now available for download.

There are a number of bug-fixes, including:

  • Missing date on _TODO events
  • Notes on CHAN events were lost when editing.
  • Wrong lines in descendancy chart if children in the wrong order.
  • Last-change timestamp logic fails for arabic/persian.
  • Ignore 0 _TASK records created by Ages.
  • Broken HTML layout in new-media modal.
  • HTML error in statistics block.
  • Level 1 shared notes wrongly shown as links.
  • Wrong sorting for _FSFTID tags.
  • Wrong element type for INDI:FACT/EVEN.
  • Only delete one-person families when there are no significant facts.
  • SEX X breaks the individual list.
  • List of media folders not sorted.
  • FAM:MARR:TYPE not visible for new records.
  • INDI:EDUC:AGNC not visible for new records.
  • Trees with all-numeric names break site logs.
  • Ignore trailing newlines when editing raw GEDCOM.
  • Don’t show file format on media list.
  • Wrong formatting for place names ending in commas.

There are some new features:

  • Can now add/edit NAME:FONE and NAME:ROMN structures.
  • When adding new individuals, the panels for each fact remember whether they were expanded or collapsed.
  • Support for more media mime types.
  • Show the internal error code on the error-check page.
  • Allow notes in source citations.
  • Allow shared notes in _TODO facts.
  • Allow INDI:_NMAR to be added.

See the change log for details.