webtrees 2.1.14 is now available for download.


  • Change family members removes all children.
  • Email notifications for new releases of webtrees sent in the wrong language.
  • Cannot enter empty row into census-assistant.
  • Adding XDEBUG parameters during setup causes the base_url to be wrongly detected.
  • Incorrect collation rules for surnames on the individual list.
  • Missing totals in tag-cloud lists.
  • Expand/collapse edit fields wrongly connected.
  • Old entries in wt_names table cause errors in the individual list.

Updates and new features:

  • Read-only NAME records are styled as disabled, to encourage users to use GVIN/SURN fields.
  • Missing API keys for map-providers now gives a helpful message.
  • Editing an empty NAME record will now initialise it from the GIVN/SURN parts.
  • Block more bad robots: DataForSeoBot, wp_is_mobile.
  • More compatibility updates for SQL-Server.
  • Data from edit fields in modal windows are now formatted the same as full-page editors.
  • Statistics for common surnames now uses the same logic as the individual list.

See the change log for details.