webtrees 2.1.5 is now available for download.

There are a number of bug-fixes, including:

  • Styling error in stories
  • Styling error for empty chart boxes
  • Missing CAUS/AGNC/RELI subtags on FAM:MARR
  • Detect integer overflow on 32bit systems
  • Data entry of recording dates: SOUR:DATA:DATE
  • Cannot search for media objects by filename
  • Links from geographic data go to wrong tree
  • Untranslated text for close button
  • Family sources shown on individual facts tab
  • Long words in user-generated text can break page layout
  • Formatting of notes with line-breaks
  • GOV IDs can be upper or lower case
  • FAM:CHAN should not appear on individual facts page
  • Inline media references converted with wrong level for TITL

There are three new features:

  • Support for tags created by Aldfaer, Legacy and GEDCOM 7
  • New column in module list for data-fixes
  • 1950 US census

There is one security fix:

  • GEDCOM imports containing errors and HTML displayed unescaped.

See the change log for details.