webtrees 2.1.17 is now available for download.


  • Married name parameter lost when navigating individual lists
  • Events BCE can break some statistics
  • Cannot send email if base_url is undefined
  • Relationship names reverese for INDI:ASSO
  • Wrong label for _MARNM
  • Some combinations of multiple-restrictions not working
  • Cannot create new location from edit page
  • Cannot add PLAC:_GOV on edit forms
  • Menu items with accents not sorted correctly
  • Redirect legacy URLs with missing ged parameter
  • Location edit form when working in full-screen
  • Clicking ancestor in pedigree map not working
  • Footer overlaps content when showing some maps
  • Width of tables in markdown
  • Wrong ISO code for Portugal
  • Remove the legacy OS historic map module
  • Wrong URLs generated when using ugly URLs.
  • Fix edit form for add-spouse-to-individual
  • Media not included in total record count statistics
  • Cannot export GEDCOM if the HEAD record was deleted


  • Add translation into Basque
  • Add Awario, ByteSpider and YisouSpider to list of bad bots
  • Add validation for Seznam and Microsoftpreview bots
  • Only show age-difference for events (not facts) that occur after death
  • Add Curacao and Saint Bethelemy to the country lists
  • Add new statistics for individiuals/families with sources percentage
  • Missing HEAD:CHAR now assumed to be UTF8, for GEDCOM 7 compatibility

Internally, there are some changes to reduce the dependencies on the Laravel libraries, and improve compatibility with different databases.

See the change log for details.