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XAMPP is a package for Microsoft Windows that allows you to run web-server software on your local computer. It contains everything you need to run webtrees. It works well for local testing and development - or if you only need an offline/standalone version of webtrees.

The “document root” (the folder where you install webtrees) is usually C:/xampp/htdocs. The URL for this folder will be http://localhost.

NOTE: If you use Microsoft Edge or IE, then you should use instead of http://localhost. These browsers do not set cookies properly when the domain name does not contain a .. Other browsers are OK.

You should copy webtrees to this folder. Many people install to a sub-folder, such as C:/xampp/htdocs/webtrees. This will have the URL http://localhost/webtrees. This allows you to have several instances of webtrees (or other applications) installed at the same time.

During setup, you will be asked for your MySQL details.

  • Server name -
  • Port number - 3306
  • Database user account - root
  • Database password - By default, XAMPP does not set a password, so leave this empty.
  • Database name - Choose a unique name for your database. webtrees will create it if it does not exist. webtrees would be a good choice for your first database.
  • Table prefix - This is needed when you install multiple applications in one database. Since XAMPP allows you to create multiple databases, you should use the default wt_.

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